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"... î‚€John is more than the competent project manager ..."

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Revelation Projects will work with you helping to develop and improve the way you work. We will examine the effectiveness of your processes, controls and management information, as they affect your staff and your customers. Hover over the diagram below or browse this site to find out more.

Being efficient and effective makes good business sense - Everything we do should have purpose and focus. Yet so many times we question: Why was there a problem? Why did it go wrong? Why there's a fault? Why didn't the item we ordered arrive?

These irritations affect us at work and in our private lives. Yet, given time to analyse what's really happening these things are simple to fix and the benefits can be immense. Not only do we remove the hassle, we save time and money.

Revelation Projects improved customer satisfaction and saved over £500,000 for a Utility company click here to read more (pdf link)

Improving efficiency means less resources are needed. This means a reduction in cost or freedom to achieve another goal. Customer satisfaction is improved whether they are staff within your business or actual customers who produce revenue. Where staff believe processes to be wrong they become increasingly frustrated and commitment falls.