John Acey is the director and principal consultant.  John is passionate about improving operational processes and leading transformation initiatives to successful conclusions.  His journey in legal services began in 2005.  Gradually he began to see the opportunities for increasing effectiveness and efficiency in the sector.

John enjoys helping clients understand the opportunities for change and create a vision leading to positive outcomes.  He’s not afraid to challenge and ask the difficult questions.  He brings focus, providing guidance to turn initial seeds into reality.

John is a seasoned Prince 2 project manager, lean six sigma black belt and systems thinker.  His experience in the financial and customer service sectors brings insight into the opportunities in a dynamic legal sector.

In November 2018 John published his book Towards Greater Efficiency in Legal Services.  In it he discusses optimising business and legal processes, maximising utilisation and realisation, plus legal project management.

+44 (0)771 1709546